TFW No Giant GF's Cool Website for Attractive People!

Welcome to my website! It's not done yet.

Please do not enter or read if you are under 18!

i am contacting you to bring you stories about giant girls using the power of the INTERNET


An archive of pictures I've posted, and accompanying text and alts!

All my Ace Attorney videos!

All my Shrink High videos!

My accounts (cool places)

My favorite types of girls to be big

My not likes are
  1. Mean people unless they are mean to me in a hot way
  2. New anime until a few years pass and they're old anime and then I like them
  3. 2.: nuts (but i like peanuts) (and deez nuts) (and nuts.wad)
  4. Super Mario Sunshine (still has gooder water fx than Sonic Adventures though)
  5. I like shooter games and fighter games but i'm bad at them and never win so i pretend not to like them
  6. wojaks (trollface and rage faces are better) and meme frogs (except keroro gunso)
  7. Canada Style Weather (cold)

I plan to put more stories up but here is some of them that i like:

I support the trans rights and feminism and I like hentai games from the 90s.

(Curious what this means? Ask a trans person they probably know better than I would)

My coding credentials and resume

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